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Business Objects Analytics User Guide

business objects analytics user guide

2 BusinessObjects User’s Guide: Accessing Data and Data Analysis ... The Business Objects business intelligence solution is supported by thousands of pages of documentation, available from the products, on the Internet, on CD, and by extensive online help systems and multimedia.

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite Share insights and make better decisions with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite. By providing a flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth – from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.

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The following tutorials have been developed to help you get started using the Business Intelligence Suite products. New content is added as soon as it becomes available, so check back on a regular basis. The video versions of these tutorials on YouTube include optional text captions that can be translated into a number of languages.

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Objects are elements in a Universe that correspond to a selection of data in the database. Object names are often the same business terms that you use in your everyday activities. Examples of object names, employee number, Full name, Salary, Funding Objects are used to build queries and to retrieve data for reports.

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Document Version: 4.1 Support Package 5 - 2014-11-06 Business Intelligence Launch Pad User Guide

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Although SAP Analytics Cloud, our SaaS BI solution, is at the center of our Analytics strategy, we have recently reminded our commitment to include a future for our existing on premise BI customers in the Business Intelligence Statement of Direction.. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 will deliver major innovations in three areas: Enterprise Readiness, User Experience and Hybrid.

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This guide is intended for business users who use web parts in the integration option for Microsoft SharePoint software to work with objects. Last updated for 4.2 Support Package 6 Java Portal Integration Kit for Oracle 10

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BusinessObjects is the supported query and reporting tool for the U-M Data Warehouse. Use BusinessObjects to run UM-maintained reports and to create and run ad hoc reports. BusinessObjects interfaces (also known as universes) have been developed for all data in the U-M Data Warehouse.

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Fiorified Business Intelligence Launch Pad 4.2 SP4 ... This documentation is intended for users who work with objects over the web in the BI platform and the BI launch pad. For more information about the platform, see the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform User ... Fiorified Business Intelligence Launch Pad User Guide ...

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Predictive Analytics in SAP Business Objects Cloud-Smart Discovery SAP has provided a “Smart Discovery” functionality in Business Objects Cloud targeting business users to help them get insights from data in the form of easy to understand charts and statements.

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Information Design Tool User Guide SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0 Feature Pack 3

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Predictive analytics capabilities for business users have been added to the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud offering, which already includes SaaS-based BI and planning capabilities. With the new predictive capabilities, business users can use an intuitive graphical user interface to investigate business scenarios by leveraging powerful built-in ...

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Reporting User Types Reporting User Types Getting Started with Business Objects XI3.1 - User Guide Recruiting 12A 6 Reporting User Types Report Developer This user type, sometimes referred to as a Power User, generally creates reports viewed by other users. • By default all reporting zones come with a license for one report developer.

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This course introduces Business Objects Web Intelligence and Launchpad to users aiming to design their own reports and make them available to colleagues. Web Intelligence Fast-Track Designed for developers who have knowledge of the Information Design Tool and want to advance their skills to a higher level.

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The MicroStrategy Desktop User Guide describes the steps for a business analyst to execute and analyze a dashboard in MicroStrategy Desktop. It provides the information necessary for a business analyst to import data from a data source, and use that data to create and modify dashboards. This guide is organized into the following sections:

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This article shows how to create and publish an SAP BusinessObjects universe on the CData ODBC Driver for Google Analytics. You will connect to Google Analytics data from the Information Design Tool as well as the Web Intelligence tool.

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BusinessObjects Enterprise InfoView User’s Guide 9 Introduction to BusinessObjects Enterprise User’s Guide Who should use this guide? 1 Business Objects information resources For more information and assistance, see “Business Objects Information Resources” on page 81. This appendix describes the Business Objects

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Office. There are two user guides for Analysis: the Analysis Plug-in User Guide and the EPM Plug-in User Guide. The guides are available on the SAP Help Portal. Online Help The online help contains the same information as the User Guide. It is included in the plug-ins. To access context sensitive help, move the mouse cursor to a field in the ...

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Business Intelligence Strategy & Direction with Kate Wright . Speaker: Kate Wright . SAP Head of Augmented BI, Kate Wright talks about the future and direction of Analytics at SAP. Get an overview of the analytics strategy, key investment areas, and latest innovations from SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI.

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SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics is a solution that helps create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models to anticipate future behavior or outcome and guide better, more ...

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Please Note: only advanced users can build reports and/or amend queries Definitions – Objects, Classes and Universes Objects Objects are elements in a Universe that correspond to a selection of data in the database. Object names are often the same business terms that you use in your everyday activities.

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Back in 2012, SAP provided Strategy and Direction to Xcelsius customers on the future of dashboards and applications and migration to the new Zen / SAP Business Objects Design Studio and now called SAP Lumira Designer. Since then, customers have been steadily migrating them over to SAP Design Studio (now SAP Lumira Designer) and we have covered this migration, in detail, during this webinar.

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform is well suited for a business analyst who performs basic data analysis and data visualization and output into the report originally through Excel or without too deep understanding of coding or any other data science tool that allows them to perform the analysis in R or Python.

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Microsoft BI is rated 8.2, while SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Microsoft BI writes "Valuable dashboard and automated reporting features but should have better integration with RPA and Tableau platforms ".

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"SAP Cloud for Analytics was transformational. It allows real-time updates to our plans, collaboration across the organization, advanced analytics, and one-click visualization. The end-user experience was well received from our leadership team to our analysts." Stephen Hayes, Analytics Manager, Live Oak Banking Company

Business Objects Analytics User Guide

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Business Objects Analytics User Guide